Stedham Bailey in Critical/Stable Condition

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While down in South Florida training and spending time with family, Stedham Bailey, the St. Louis Ram’s 3rd year receiver from the University of West Virginia, was shot twice in the head while sitting in a passenger seat with his cousin Antwan Reeves. Reeves was also shot multiple times as he shielded to children that were in the backseat. The children were unharmed but an incident like this always brings about mental scars for a while as they get older. Everyone in the league is in shock right now especially his teammates. Everyone sends their prayers and well wishes, including myself, this is no longer FANTASY LEAGUE… THIS IS REAL LIFE. This incident happened 11/24/15 in Miami Gardens. He’s from Miramar Florida which is 7 miles away, and as the doctor says the injuries are non-life threatening we hope there aren’t any complications.