Stedham Bailey in Critical/Stable Condition

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While down in South Florida training and spending time with family, Stedham Bailey, the St. Louis Ram’s 3rd year receiver from the University of West Virginia, was shot twice in the head while sitting in a passenger seat with his cousin Antwan Reeves. Reeves was also shot multiple times as he shielded to children that were in the backseat. The children were unharmed but an incident like this always brings about mental scars for a while as they get older. Everyone in the league is in shock right now especially his teammates. Everyone sends their prayers and well wishes, including myself, this is no longer FANTASY LEAGUE… THIS IS REAL LIFE. This incident happened 11/24/15 in Miami Gardens. He’s from Miramar Florida which is 7 miles away, and as the doctor says the injuries are non-life threatening we hope there aren’t any complications.


Manny Pacquiao Last Rounds

Set to retire after April bout..
Last Fight: Floyd Mayweather             L- 12 Rd Majority Decision             Set to retire after April bout..

Manny Pacquiao 8 Division Champ is setting his sights on retirement after his April 2016 bout, for which he still hasn’t chosen an opponent for. He’s already stalled out his former sparring partner, Amir Khan, for all the talk he was doing about Floyd Mayweather being a “chicken” he pulled a similar stunt of opponent dodging. Where Mayweather at least took time to negotiate and consider the bout’s potential, Pacquiao didn’t even sit at the table long.. Now he has Terence Crawford waiting in the wings and very interested in being his last opponent.

Terence Crawford Seeking Pacquiao

Last Fight: Dhierry Jean W- 10th Rd TKO
Last Fight: Dierry Jean
W- 10th Rd TKO

Terence Crawford just defeated Dhierry Jean on Saturday 10/17/2015. The fight was in front of his hometown fans of Omaha, Nebraska, a place in which he grew up living the “fighter’s life” as a child. Dierry Jean in an attempt to get inside of Crawford’s head said he’d beat the *bleap* out of Crawford in front of his hometown and family. Not only did Crawford not take the threat lightly he came out and put Jean on the canvass toward the end of the 1st round. He set the tone going back and forth from conventional to southpaw stances. He showed his comfort and confidence level as he dominated the whole fight. Aside from Jean trying to load up the “HAYMAKER MACHINE”.. he stood no chance in the bout.

Now Terence Crawford has his sights set on trying to get Manny Pacquiao in the ring for the “Pac-Man’s” retirement bout. It wouldn’t be a good look for the Pac- Man in my opinion. He may be thinking the same thing since he has already stalled out Amir Khan whose also a boxer with great skill. Either way, Terence “Bud” Crawford has cemented his stance as one of the top up and coming fighters pound for pound.

Paulie Malignaggi on Manny Pacquiao injury


Paulie Malignaggi has been a critic of Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao for at least the last 5 years. The fact that he asked for Toradol instead of Cortisone injections should’ve raised questions about his intentions. He claims Pacquiao has been one dimensional since his arrival (which I agree) also that a random urine test makes him a very safe fight in soo many words. Do you think that Paulie would have a shot against Manny?? I don’t know but i’ll definitely tune in if it ever happens.

Diddy No Gloves…


Sean “Diddy” Combs was charged with 3 counts of Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon in an altercation with UCLA strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi. Alosi himself has been mentioned in a few instances of being very temperamental. Diddy was said to have used a kettlebell in the attack. There were no injuries reported. His bail was set at $160,000 although he only posted $50,000 of that.

Lights Please…


While Clayton Kershaw was trying to find his groove on the mound after Kris Bryant’s home run off of his monsterous curveball, Joe Maddon was trying to plead with the umpires to stop the game while a few of lights were inoperable. Facing the big lefty with the big curveball, he felt his hitters were at a disadvantage and he wasn’t gonna allow his team to play with such a handicap. The Chicago Cubs still won, Kris Bryant hit a bomb off the fearful Kershaw curveball in the 3rd and off a high fastball from reliever Adam Liberatore in the 8th. The relievers were GREAT lead by Travis Wood. Joe Maddon receives kudos letting his team know this is our home field and we NEED to understand the importance of going againt on the game’s best hurlers Clayton Kershaw.


Only twice in life have I witnessed something so strange and eerie. Life throws curveballs 12 to 6 and back again. Pedro Martinez would’ve been proud if he’d witnessed this curveball and astounded at the same time. Things like this are very rare, once in a lifetime talent that just turns anything that opposes it VERY INCOMPETENT.


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